Mama… Welax


If you know me well enough, you know that Elicia does not do mornings well. In fact, if I could control the universe (which yes, I’m realizing that I cannot do) I would mandate that no one’s day should ever begin prior to 9 am. Anything that happens before 9 am is, in my opinion, just not worth doing. I am the queen of snooze button and have been known to occasionally backhand the alarm clock with Olympic force off of the night stand. In my house, you should never expect a hot breakfast unless it is served for dinner, a bath unless you take it yourself or even a smile from me unless it is Saturday and I have realized I forgot to turn off my alarm for 6:30am the night before. Again, I will repeat… I don’t do mornings well.

About six weeks ago I was running around frantic because it was 8:30 and I am supposed to be at work by 8:30. Not only do I live twenty minutes away from my office, but Canaan was still half asleep in her jammies on my bed, I was dripping wet from the shower, and my son would not put down Thomas ChooChoo to come get his clothes on. You can only imagine the level of frenzy in my house that morning. The scene was something like this:“Will, come here!” I bellowed to where Will and Thomas were doing laps around the dining room table.A tiny finger stretched through the bedroom doorway. “One second Mama.”“No, one second. Come here now!”“One second!” he repeated.

Taking action into my own hands, I marched to the dining room, swung my son into my arms with magnificent speed sending Thomas ChooChoo spiraling into orbit through the living room. I plopped him down on my bed, ripped his shirt up and over his head and slung it on the floor. His eyes were wide and he lifted both hands in the air, palms out, as if to silence me. He paused for dramatic effect and then said calmly, “Mama… welax.”

He’s two. Barely.

My life has been anything but relaxing for the past few months. Most days are spent before I ever even fully realize that they have begun. I’ve come to fully understand those women who just pack up and skip the country without looking back because they just can’t deal with life here anymore. I begrudgingly wake up, go to work, come home to play mommy, work some more and then go to bed just to get up and do it all over again. I realized that this is NO WAY TO LIVE.

Am I going to go and buy that plane ticket for Bora Bora? Not this week. J Instead I’ve decided to take my son’s advice and WELAX. I have committed myself to three specific things:

1. I will in all cases, no matter what madness or drama comes my way, be thankful. Thankfulness doesn’t come easy for me most days, it’s a choice, not a feeling. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness, my children, my family, my friends, my job, my home, and my bathtub…. Which brings me to thing number two.

2. I will indulge myself in some small way every day. That usually means I will take a bubble bath or two. (I have a rockin’ great bathtub and a pretty hefty water bill.) Other forms of indulgence may also include a bucket of guilt-free dark chocolate M&M’s, a glass of wine, or a new $8 dress that deserves a nice dinner out.





3. Thing number three in my quest to welaxation is to follow my heart and listen to myself. I will choose to listen to the real me rather than the imposter me that tells me that I am a failure, that I am incapable of making good decisions, that I am a bad mother, that I will always be the bad seed. This is simply not true and I will no longer listen to that voice.

Tomorrow is Monday. I hate Mondays, but maybe… just maybe I’ll only hit the snooze button once. New day… here I come!


One Response to “Mama… Welax”

  1. 1 Sara Ballington

    Seriously… Do we live the same mornings, minus one child?? – lol…im still trying to figure out where you get the time to write these incredible blogs that are so enjoyable to read, when I barely get the time to read them!

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