Echo In My Thoughts


Someone once said something extremely profound to me. He said, “Elicia, when you’re dead and gone, people won’t remember the things that you said, they’ll probably forget the mistakes you’ve made, and after time they may even forget what you looked like. One thing that they will never forget is the way you made them feel.”

Seven years later, that statement still echoes in my thoughts every day. It is my wish that I may live life making others around me feel like they matter to me. Not because of how I might benefit from them at the end of the day, but simply because I appreciate their presence in my life.

One girl shouldn’t be allowed to have so many of you that love me. Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls for no real reason, laps around the gym, Men’s Health magazines, pudding parties, SlimFast, Snappy trips, NASCAR weekends, witnessing Mom wet her pants, and for finding me again after 7 long years.

May I always be remembered for loving you as best I could. With all my heart, E.
-didn’t mean for that last part to sound like a suicide note. Please don’t call. I’m fine.


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