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Well, I made up my mind about Halloween!  For days I’ve agonized over what to do so I asked myself a simple question.  “If I could do anything in the world for Halloween what would I do?” The answer is simple:  I’d hang out with Megan. Some of you may know Meg but most of […]

My friend Ashley posted a blog last night about her favorite scary movies, thus I find my inspiration for today’s writing.  Please forgive any typos or rambling today as I am running a fever and my throat is practically swollen shut.  Thank God for antibiotics. I HATE being afraid.  Therefore, I HATE scary movies, haunted […]

In my house I have a big ass bathtub.  It is the sole reason I bought the place… Well, the bathtub and the built in wine rack under the kitchen cabinet.  However, the bathtub is BY FAR the best thing about my humble home.  Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have jets, some […]

Wondering what to do for Halloween this year? Hey, me too! For the past five years my All Hallows holiday has been done G-rating style suitable for my preschoolers. Well, this year, the kids are going out of town so I feel lost in trying to plan for the night’s activities. I’m no longer sure […]

Several months ago I wrote a blog called The Bikini Transformation. Here’s an excerpt: In my heart, I’m a bikini girl. When I think of myself at the seashore, I’m always the Hawaiian Tropic model in the strings and seashells. Maybe not seashells, but you know what I’m talking about. In my fantasy, I’m lying […]

A coworker once told me when I was pregnant with my daughter, “Enjoy it while you can. She’ll be grown before you know it.” I must have heard this cliché a hundred times in my short while as a young mother but during two a.m. feedings and diaper changes it felt like I was going […]

My life is silent in a chaotic sort of way these days. The past ten months have been an excruciating mix of painful and pleasant experiences that have left me in a cloud, incoherently gliding through life. I’ve let my actions determine my decisions rather than moving myself toward a chosen goal. I guess I […]