My Name Is Elicia and I Hate The Exorcist


My friend Ashley posted a blog last night about her favorite scary movies, thus I find my inspiration for today’s writing.  Please forgive any typos or rambling today as I am running a fever and my throat is practically swollen shut.  Thank God for antibiotics.

I HATE being afraid.  Therefore, I HATE scary movies, haunted houses and the dark.  Yes, friends, I (the Scorpion Crusher) am afraid of the dark.  I have always had an overactive imagination.  This is good for someone that would one day like to write best sellers, but I have to say it makes me a pretty lousy Halloween date. 

When I was a kid I used to put on my brave face and pretend to be a hard ass that liked to watch horror flicks.  I even remember claiming one day that The Exorcist was among my favorite movies.  I lied.  Now that I am a mature adult, I don’t care if you think I’m a pansy.  They scare the bejezus out of me.

When I was 15 my friend Brooke and I stayed up late one night with her brother who had a crush on me.  He was a couple of years older than us and it was his bright idea to watch The Amityville Horror House on their ginormous 913 inch television.  I wanted to impress him, so I pretended like I thought this was a GREAT idea.  I successfully made it through the entire movie without hiding behind any furniture or soiling myself.  Little did anyone know that I actually slept in the doorway of Brooke’s room that night because my side of her bed was too close to the window which I just knew was going to be infested with flies at any second.

Fast forward many years to The Sixth Sense.  EXCELLENT movie.  Shyamalan really should’ve hung it up after that one… I mean did you see The Happening?  Straight up embarrassing.  Anyhow, to this day I can’t even watch the edited TV version of The Sixth Sense alone.  The kid with his head blown off gets me every time.  And yes, it freaks me out that my bedroom is painted red and I’m constantly cold.  I haven’t seen any dead people yet, but I’m constantly looking.  Yikes.

Just a few years ago when I was pregnant with Will, Robert and I were vacationing in a teeny tiny little town called Clifton, TN.  As you all know I am well versed in making friends so we ended up hanging out with two other couples one day of our trip.  At some point someone suggested, “Hey let’s go see that Emily Rose movie.  I’ve heard it’s great!”  I don’t watch a lot of television except for the few shows I TIVO, so when I heard the “great movie Emily Rose” I was envisioning maybe a nice romantic comedy or something. 


Yeah, that would be The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  I literally sat with my coat over my head, rocking my 8 month pregnant body while humming to myself to keep from going into pre-term labor.  It’s been 3 years and I STILL can’t wake up in the middle of the night and roll over to look at the clock!  God forbid it might be the witching hour and I’ll have to go sleep with Canaan.

So, yeah, I don’t do scary well.  Wait till you hear about the night with Megan at the Slaughterhouse… that’s a whole separate blog.

5 Days to Halloween!   …oh yeah, and I settled on a costume.  Keep an eye out for photos!


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