Straight Gangsta


thugSo I was in line at the store the other day to buy my kid some medicine. There was this guy in line with me. 6’5 probably, 110 pounds, red hair, dressed like Lil Wayne. I half expected his 3X t-shirt to have “Straight Gangsta” written on it in rhinestones. He looked down at me and said, “Girl, MMM MMM MMM, you are some kinda fine!”

At this point I’m clutching my purse a little tighter and making myself aware of all the exits. The woman behind the counter is trying not to fall in the floor laughing.

He cocks his head back with a smirk of arrogance. “Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Do you want one?”


“Can I take you home with me?”


“Damn…” Sigh.

I’m left wondering… do you own a mirror? You are not a gangster. You are from Donelson, not the projects. You can fit a family of six in your pants and you have on ugly boxers that no one should have to look at. Don’t talk to me.

I hope that doesn’t sound too shallow. He might be a wonderful person… on the inside, beneath the Dollar-General-Flavor Flav exterior. Most likely he’s as mentally and emotionally jacked up as he was dressed.

Chances are this guy has no idea who he is. He had clearly adapted his personality from his friends (I know because they were with him). I did however have to admire his confidence. He seemed generally surprised that I did not want to go home with him. (Imagine that!) If I were honest, I’d admit a little jealousy over his ability to say exactly what he wanted to without filters and without fear of rejection or humiliation. He left the store with an ear to ear grin on his face regardless.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all ran around without our filters???

I added this thanks to Rachel! LMAO.


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