Screamers… on the list of things that make you need Xanax


jeffOne of my dearest friends is in, what I like to call, a Screamer Band. I don’t know what they scream about, but they do a LOT of it. He doesn’t sing… he shrieks. It’s technically called Hard Core music. Now, I’m a hard rocker with the best of them. Currently on my iPod you’ll find everything from Pantera to Slipknot. I am not afraid of metal. This however, isn’t metal. It’s straight up nerve racking.

I love you Chaunticleer.

I went to my first hard core show in January of this year. I took my two nephews who I thought would enjoy it and I was right! They begged me to buy them t-shirts which they sport to this day. It was an all-nighter show. Something like 10 bands were on stage. I showed up carrying a purse, which I immediately stashed in the car because I felt like a “band mom”. The music literally HURT MY EARS, which is saying a lot from the girl that sat on a high rise, center stage at a Godsmack show 7 months pregnant. I spent most of the evening outside.

My friend’s band went onstage last and when I came back inside I saw something I’ve never seen before: someone truly transformed by their passion. Chaunticleer is an obscurely quiet kind of guy. I’ve spent the past few years trying to figure out why he’s as bizarre as he is. 😉 We’ve worked together for around four years and it took me three of them to actually get to know him. He comes across as having a big invisible shell around him, keeping him in the background of any given scenario. But on stage…

This guy was a maniac. He was jumping, spinning around on the floor, balancing on the 18 foot speaker stack and seriously… dangling from the roof. The crowd was wild and he fed off of their energy. I haven’t seen much in my life that was half as entertaining. He owned the crowd. He was in his element. He was a god on stage.

How much I envy this kind of passion. Most of us work our day jobs and only dream of having an outlet that lets us be who we want to be. We pay the bills… do the nine to five… and go home, only to remain unfulfilled.

If I’ve ever seen anyone doing what they should be doing with their life, it’s Chaunticleer. He may never be rollin’ in the dough, although I hope he does and remembers those of us who blogged about him, but he’s absolutely not selling himself short on his dream. He’s putting all his eggs in the basket he wants them to be in.

What’s your DREAM? Do you have THIS kind of passion?


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