The Wonders of Online Dating in MySpace


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Well, I’ve promised this blog to a few people so here it is.

Since the day that my MySpace relationship status changed to Single, I’ve gotten some interesting friend requests and it got me wondering, “are there only weirdos on the internet?” Among the most interesting have been the Messaging-Turrets guy, the dude with waaay too many cats and then there was the Sumo wrestler. I’m sure that you want me to elaborate on him, but that’s about all that needs to be said.

During a night of silliness with some friends, I embarked on the journey for normalcy within the realms of the big WWW. That’s right folks, I did my first ever Singles search on MySpace. My girlfriend giggled as I friend requested a half a dozen guys that I happened to find attractive. Chances are a few of you are reading this blog. If so, feel proud because you made the list. No worries… no names will be called in this writing. J

Right away, I made a hard and fast rule. If I don’t request you, then chances are I’m not going to talk to you EVER in the real world, with the possibility of exception IF you’re really impressive. I guess that makes the rule not so hard and fast, but in general I’m being selective about making new friends.

Anyhow, there were a few profiles out there that really jumped out at me and there were others that I passed up completely. I would like to outline MY OPINION of a decent single man’s profile. Take this with a grain of salt however; I do not claim that MY OPINION is always the correct one. Lord knows I’ve made seriously bad judgment calls about men in the real world!

So, if you want to attract a girl like me, here’s some tips:

1. Don’t put pinups and pornstars all over your page. Its tacky guys. If you want to attract a real woman, don’t start by making us compare ourselves to Jenna Jamison and Heidi Klum.

2. Your top friends list is not your “Fantasy Friends List” so, don’t have a bunch of big breasted women as your top friends that you don’t know. I want to see that anyone I might potentially talk to values what true friendship is.

3. Show off your witty and fun side. I think most girls appreciate a guy that can make them laugh. It’s one of the top things I require in whoever I date. The first guy I ever talked to online caught my attention with a cute smile and by literally making me laugh out loud at the computer screen by what he wrote. I could see myself actually having a conversation with him and we converse quite a bit to this day.

4. No one wants to see you in party mode in EVERY photo in your albums. Sure we can all appreciate a guy with a social life, but not all your time involves smashing beer cans on your forehead and shoving a bong pipe down your buddy’s throat. Show off you on a normal day and include your family and friends as they really are, not just as they appear on 2nd Avenue.

5. Be honest and be yourself. If you’re not a six foot body builder, don’t lie and say that you are. We’re gonna eventually find out.

6. Proof read.

7. This one may just be on here because I’m me, but I really appreciate anyone that can write. If you’ve got anything intelligent to say, put it in a blog. I blog surf A LOT.

8. Finally, DON’T BE DESPERATE. Remember that there’s a BIG world out there and if your only chances for love are by the light of an LCD, go outside. Read my “Who I’d Like To Meet” section for further clarification on this.

So, this list concludes the MySpace Boys 101 :: Sheesha Style.

Anyone have anything to add??? Any guys out there want to take a stab at the women online? That’s a whole different blog entirely!!!


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