‘Tis the Season to be Unbalanced


Is anyone else out there in denial that Christmas is ALREADY upon us this year?  I mean, really… I haven’t even gotten around to working on my New Year’s resolutions for 2008 and I just got a gym flyer in the mail for 2009!  I guess I’d better get moving since now I only have 23 days to run a 5k in under twenty minutes, have SOMETHING published and teach my daughter how to read.  Let’s see how well I can multi-task for the rest of this month!

I want to know who it is that started pouring nitrous into the hourglass of time???  I’m going to have to double my wine consumption to slow things down enough so I can keep up.  Where is life going so quickly?  It wasn’t all that long ago that I was counting down the days to be free of high school and just a few weeks ago I started hearing murmurings of a ten year reunion.  Surely somewhere along the road I tripped into a time porthole and missed a few years. 

Sorry, I got a little side-tracked there.  This is supposed to be a blog about Christmas.

Somewhere between “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “The Grinch” is where you’ll find me and my joy-level over the holidays.  I love all the warm, happy feelings of Christmas lights and hot cocoa and yet I’m ready to puke over hearing “Silver Bells” on the radio by Black Friday.  Begrudgingly I put up the Christmas tree the week before Thanksgiving and hung the stockings on the bookshelf with care (since the new house doesn’t have a fireplace).  My stocking hangers are supposed to spell “SANTA” but since we only have 3 stockings up this year I could only come up with the word “TAN”.  It has turned into quite the conversation piece.

Christmas right now seems to be just another thing to throw onto my already heaping plate.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and excited to see my kids faces on Christmas morning, I’m just trying to find a sense of balance in my already hectic life long enough to muster up some holiday cheer.

There are a few things this year that I am looking very forward to that will surely get my internal drummer boys drumming.  The first of holiday events will be the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.  It is Christmas, Sheesha style.  Nothing makes me feel holly-jolly quite like Metallica meets Carol of the Bells.  Second on the list is Handel’s Messiah performed by the Nashville Symphony.  Maybe its nostalgia that draws me to the Schermerhorn or the high that I get off of feeling really sophisticated for one night of the year… I’m not sure.  Either way, the Overture alone is like the paddles on my Christmas spirit defibrillation device. 

What are you doing to psyche yourself up for Christmas???

Pour yourself a glass o’ eggnog (heavy on the rum) and turn up the volume.  J 



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