My New Cell Phone Lasted 36 Hours… Maybe


I’m almost embarrassed to write this blog.

This story began in August of 2007 when I bought my first Treo. I loved my first Treo but after 4 days in my possession (for reasons purely outside of my control) it died. I’ve paid for Verizon insurance for all these years for a reason and now you will understand why.

Treo number two lasted for about two months until it came to a tragic impasse with my bathtub. Apparently water and electronic devices are not a good combination.

Treo number three fell to its death from the top step in my two-story garage. Treos don’t like heights.

Treo number four just stopped charging one day. Not my fault.

Do you see where this is going? Let’s fast forward about 14 months and press play on this past Friday night. Here we will revisit the fate of Treo number 7. No, I’m not kidding. For the record, Verizon insurance eventually will say, “enough is enough” and terminate your insurance. Maybe that was a wakeup call for me because Treo number 7 did last over eight whole months!

The Disturbed concert was Friday night. I had a private suite at the Sommet center. Cushy seats, private mini bar, private bathroom, GREAT friends… it was the perfect setup for a great show. In between bands I excused myself to the ladies room and upon returning I realized I didn’t have my phone. I began searching and when I became frantic my friends began searching with me. The Treo and I have a very strong bond, if you can’t tell.

One of my friends retraced my steps to the bathroom and a moment later we heard, “Found it!”

Ranger, Jon, Chad and I gathered in the bathroom. We formed a semi-circle formed around the potty all peering down at Treo Seven resting at the bottom of the pool. Fear and sheer panic rushed over me. I pointed to the phone which must’ve been submerged for at least five full minutes. “Ranger, get it.”


But sweet Ranger did retrieve the lifeless and hopeless device. Sigh. And again… Ew.

Hysterical laughter erupted from my group of friends despite that Treo Seven’s death was no laughing matter.

First thing Saturday morning I drove to Verizon and thirty minutes later I acquired phone number 8, this time a Centro, with a renewed equipment coverage subscription. THANK GOD.

Sunday nights have become my movie night. I usually get done during the evening all that I can’t do with children in tow and then I treat myself to a late night flick at the grand new theater down the street from my house. I merrily texted and MySpaced during the movie and was in the middle of a textersation with a friend as I walked to my car. I fumbled with my keys and got in. As I closed the door behind me something was slammed in the door jam. Guess what it was??? DING! DING! DING! You’re the big winner! It was the new Centro!!! Then phone number 8 crashed to the concrete. Bye bye LCD screen.

So I just finished filling out yet another insurance claim form with Verizon. I’m beginning to worry about my mental health at this point. I used to not be such a klutz! Granted, I’ve never been accused of being “graceful”, but this is becoming a very remarkable and expensive problem!

Josh, sorry I’m not going to answer your last message. Yes, the movie was great and yes I’m still sick of Christmas. I’ll text you in 24 hours when they ship phone number 9.

Man, I should come with a warning label. (eyeroll)


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