The Funniest Christmas Gift EVER!!


If you haven’t already read it, the prequel to this blog is The New Phone Lasted Umm… 36 Hours. Maybe. Long story short, I am on my ninth cell phone in a little over a year. It’s kind of sad.

The sheer hell that I am on electronics has become a household joke. Earlier this week, my family came over for Christmas dinner and presents. When my mother-in-law walked in and caught me trying to operate my own stereo system she gave me a look that said, “Back slowly away before you break it or hurt yourself.” I am a joke. It’s OK though, because I’m laughing too. After 8 cell phones, 3 iPods and 2 cameras, what else can I do?

Everyone let me introduce Traci. A.K.A. Racski. A.K.A Raci Traci Face. A.K.A. The Funniest Sister-In-Law Ever.

In light of my recent cell phone catastrophes, Traci wins the award for the best Christmas present ever.

My New Cell Phone : : The MUBx2

Yes folks… its two cups on a coat hanger. (She chose a coat hanger rather than a string because it’s more durable.) Smart ass. This little gem of technology even came with a user manual!

The MUBx2
(The Missed Ur Bus x2)

Are you one of those kinds of people who seems to always have problems with your cell phone?
Well this is the phone for you!

This phone is waterproof!
You can drop it in toilets or in puddles or even take it into the ocean and it will still work
Free replacement parts at all times
If something was to happen to the phone u can always use duct tape. If you’re not a fan of duct tape G&K, Dixie, or your local neighbor will be glad to replace parts for you.
Free phone replacement
If you need the whole phone replaced…no worries there is always a full stock!
No one else has to have this phone.
Always has service
You will never lose service…it runs off of “badluckitis”
Lightening Safe
Never have to be scared of lightening with this phone…we installed rubber pieces on both ends so the harmful strikes won’t hurt your phone!
Good luck with yourself though.
No texting
Sorry there is no texting on this phone. You have to learn how to use and keep a phone first.

If you have problems with using this phone or if you make the supply companies go bankrupt then call this number:


They will gladly talk to you about a house phone!

Checking Voicemail

Long Distance Calling

Ahh… gotta love family. 🙂 Love you Traci! I’m still waiting for the upgraded model with texting and then my life will be complete.

I hope all of you are loving your families today! Thank you for continually making my days by reading my pointless ramblings. I love you all! I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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