Dating Double-Dippers


You might think I wrote this one about you. I did not. Just off the top of my head 6 different friends come to mind that I’ve seen habitually go through this and I am not going to single anyone out here. This is just something that has come up in my conversations a LOT recently.

Today’s topic is the on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again couple. We’ve all seen it and most of us have experienced it to some degree, including myself. I will not be the pot calling the kettle black here. Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend that I must’ve broken up with ten times in our two-year relationship. We were HORRIBLE for each other and were stupid enough to keep coming back for more. It was the same story each time we would reunite. For the first few weeks or months it was all pure bliss. We were in “love” and crazy about each other, nearly inseparable. Then the same old differences that split us up the first time would come right back to light and one of us would be ready to drive an ice pick through the other’s eye. Ten years later, guess what? He’s the same immature, lazy, selfish, probably unemployed or incarcerated dope that he was back then. Thank God I eventually wised up and said goodbye for good!

A couple of timeless quotes come to my mind. Have you ever heard this saying? “People change… but not that much.” And a much more common one is, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” – thank you, Ben Franklin.

This doesn’t apply to married couples. I think that once you say “I do”, you “Should Do” for the rest of your lives and if it takes you umpteen times to get it right, more power to you. I know of a few couples that I have GREAT admiration for. They’ve actually been married and divorced and have remarried. Anyone that has gone through a divorce can only imagine what kind of love and commitment this must take. I take my Ed Hardy hat off to you.

Back to the dating world… If it doesn’t work out the first, second or third time, why keep trying it over and over and over again? Obviously on one side or the other there are issues or at the very least some serious compatibility quirks. There are 6.7 billion people on the planet Earth and it’s pretty close to 50/50 on male/female ratio. What makes us believe in the weeks after a painful breakup that we’ll never find someone else?


4 Responses to “Dating Double-Dippers”

  1. i guess we all wanna hold on to that thing that made us so very happy in the first place. i guess we figure since we found it in that person then its no place else …

    i dunno … id love if someone had a real answer to that question … good post tho 🙂

  2. ughh, say no more, been there too many times. Uncensoredmind, your so right. I didn’t want to let go of that first rush of excitement, and scared I wouldn’t find another.

  3. Nice post. I think curiosity overcome a person. Better explore things when your still not bound. Thanks for the post. Cheers

  4. oohh…images makes it more insteresting..keep it up


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