Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


“I just don’t think this is going to work out,” he says.

She is dumbfounded. “Why??? I love you!”

He lists reasons after reasons of why they have no future together and she fails to understand. She knows the relationship has flaws; it’s painfully obvious. Regardless, she loves him and can’t imagine life without him. Moreover, she can’t imagine anyone else being able to love him the way that she can. She cries. She falls apart. And then she goes Glenn Close on his ass.

She calls. She texts. She MySpaces everyone he’s ever known. She hacks his email. She waits outside of his work. She threatens to harm herself if he doesn’t come back to her. She can’t leave the obsession alone. If she gives up, how will she ever convince him to be with her?

For the life of me, I cannot wrap my brain around the psycho-ex-girlfriend phenomenon. I’ve witnessed it, I’ve been a victim of it but I could NEVER IMAGINE living it. This is not just a female thing either, although we’re probably more relentless, crafty and devious about it. There are plenty of nutso-ex-boyfriends as well.

I don’t want to discredit the pain of being rejected; it’s awful, almost unbearable. It is certainly enough to make you lose your mind. When the person that your life revolves around is suddenly gone your world crumbles, your sanity is rocked to the core and you feel as though you will never be a complete person again. I get it.


Is acting like a straight-jacket candidate really the best way to win your lovers heart back? Really?

I mean, nothing says “I love you” like a dead bunny in a boiling pot, right?

.. ..

Has this ever happened to you???

Have you ever been the psycho-ex???


6 Responses to “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. I mean, nothing says “I love you” like a dead bunny in a boiling pot, right?

    ahhahaha this is funny !!

    well for me this kind of notes u know didnt say here the whole details and it sounds like the guy in this story blaming the girl and he cant find any reasons why they dont have future.i wish i can talk to this man in this story,haha but but but i understand the girl situation maybe she had some reasons why or why she act like pshyco person or whatever.maybe his boyfriend using drugs and its because his gf loves him she also took drugs and got crazy coz she cant handle anymore how his boyfriend act. and this guy should be lucky coz according to him his gf myspaces everyone he’s ever known hahaha then u should be lucky then coz it means that she love u so much.well well wel all i can say is,, this couples had a unhealthy relationships. hahahaha crazy but man u r lucky hahahahahaha but if im the girl///? hahah i will let u go my life doesnt revolve only for u. omg ur lose!

  2. hahahaha man,,,, the guy in this story is crazy….. he should be lucky…. u and the girl had a unhealthy relationship …..

  3. never been a crazy ex (had some mild crazy moments during the relationship) …. but been a victim of the boyfriend’s crazy exes more times than i care to remember!!!

  4. Ive had a couple of the “I will harm myself if you leave me” Ex girlfriends… One threatened to slit her wrist, one said she will stop eating, another outrightly said she will kill her self… None of them really happened…and the one who said she will stop eating, probably had a potato chips in her hand while saying it….I guess sanity found its way back when they realised what they were really saying…

    Myself on the other hand, also had 3 messed up break ups. And 2 of these break ups, I begged the girls to come back to me…When they refused, I felt as if life was just over… But never once thought about harming myself. Surprisingly, one of these breakups was actually with the female who threatened to kill herself. Of course you realise, that we broke up several times…

  5. tell me about it!!!

    worst part is the craziness tends to spread, because after they come and make such a mess its difficult for the saner of us to recover, hence becoming imbalanced ourselves!

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