Instant Gratification Girl


Yep. That’s me. I don’t wait around on much, but today I find myself waiting… waiting… waiting…

3 hours and 46 minutes to go.

Recently, I had to replace my digital camera. (I’m sure you’re surprised.) My friends and I were headed to Florida and that is the sort of adventure that requires photographic evidence. I was at the mall and after spending waaaay too much money in Buckle I stopped in at Wolfe Camera.

The sales guy turned on my effed-up Olympus and watched it go into it’s umm… self-sexing type behavior. The lens zoomed in and out like crazy and then the whole thing shut down in exhaustion. He looked at me with surprise. “What did you do to it?”

Eyeroll. “Don’t ask. Do you have anything similar so I can still use my battery and memory cards?”

He showed me a half a dozen other Olympus cameras and I fell in love with one. “I’ll take it,” I said as I happily reached for my debit card.

He searched and searched in his inventory. “Looks like I’ll have to order it. I can have it delivered to you tomorrow.”

Frowny face. L

Hmm. “I think I’ll just wait,” I said.

He looked shocked. “I can have it shipped overnight,” he explained.

I backed slowly away from the counter like he might be hiding a rattlesnake where I couldn’t see it. “Thanks anyway.” Buh-bye commission.

I didn’t need the camera in 24 hours; it was Tuesday and we weren’t flying out till Friday. There was no extra charge for having it shipped. There was no reason at all that I couldn’t wait, other than I’m JUST WEIRD LIKE THAT.

I didn’t buy a camera until Friday on my way to the airport.

Unfortunately, my weirdness doesn’t apply to just electronics. My “Instant Gratification Girl” syndrome isn’t prejudice. It applies to everyone and everything. Five years ago, I decided at 9am that I needed a new car, by Noon my beloved XTerra was in my driveway. When Robert and I decided we needed a bigger house, I picked one out the next day and closed on it three weeks later.

“The best things come to those who wait.”

Maybe. But I get to be happy faster. J

Please tell me I’m not alone!!! Hurry up and comment already! I’m getting impatient!

Oh… and 3 hours and 27 minutes to go. Tick, freakin’, tock.


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