I Mean, Don’t Hump My Leg or Anything but…


A girlfriend of mine and I have been having a conversation for the past couple of days about dating and PDA. Her current beau that she has been seeing for about a month is completely hands-off in public claiming that he doesn’t do “public displays of affection”. When I say, “he’s hands-off”, I mean quite literally that he won’t hold her hand or put his arm around her. However, as soon as the door closes behind them in the safe confinement of home he’s on her like an Ethiopian on a doughnut. So, I’m left wondering… what gives?

If I were in the situation, warning bells would be providing the theme music for my overactive imagination. I’m not an insecure gal most of the time, but I do believe this would trigger all kinds of irrationality in me. “Is he keeping up the front that he’s still single in public, so he can keep his options open?” “Is he ashamed of me?” “Do I smell funny?”

So, I asked my guy friends. The general consensus has been that they think PDA is a great thing. One went so far as to say, “If I could do the deed in public, I would.” (Maybe he’s not the norm, but…) The common thread that I found in my polling is that men like to show women off like trophies. Why wouldn’t a guy want the world to know that the hot girl on his arm chose him?

As a woman, I like to be shown off. I like to be spoiled. I like be appreciated. I LOVE to feel like a trophy. I mean, don’t hump my leg or anything, but feel free to hold me close, make me blush and shower me with attention.

My opinion about my friend’s situation, even though I’ve never met the guy, is that the relationship hasn’t had enough time for him to be comfortable with her in public settings. I’ve learned that men have insecurities of their own. She’s a beautiful, smart and intriguing woman and I think he would be a fool to be playing her while looking for something better.

What about you? What is YOUR take on PDA?


4 Responses to “I Mean, Don’t Hump My Leg or Anything but…”

  1. i love being involved in PDA. im very expressive of my feelings and like when a man can be the same way. i like him showing that i “belong” to him. i like knowing he wants me 😉

    i dont like the overly obnoxious “get a room” type of stuff though. but the subtle stuff is very meaningful

  2. Yeah, you have to draw the PDA line somewhere. We don’t want any babies conceived in public or anything. 🙂

  3. most certainly not

  4. LOL…yeah, I want to feel adored and like they appreciate me enough to want to show me off. When they don’t want anybody to know we are dating, it’s a sure sign that something’s up…they are hiding something from me.

    I dated a guy this summer who was exactly like this. I kept asking him what the deal was. He wouldn’t acknowledge me on his blog or that we were even merely friends or anything. Come to find out, he was a player and had women in other states that he was playing the same game with!

    Ugh…men are SO on my last nerve right now!

    That last picture cracked me up, though! 😀 hehehe!

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