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Last night I caught the last hour of the Oscars. “I would like to thank the Academy for Hugh Jackman being chosen to host this year. Next year, I would appreciate seeing him again. Maybe he could go for a little less bow-tie and a little more Wolverine. That would definitely help me to remember […]

The Bachelor


Be warned. I am feeling a bit judgmental tonight. I’m also no expert on ANY of the subjects that I’m going to discuss in this blog so feel free to “put me in my place”. Maybe I’m angsty and looking for a fight. Maybe I have a point. You can decide for yourself. The television […]

Last year I wrote a blog entitled, What If Today Was the Last Day of Your Life? I quoted a friend of mine who told me, “If you set a five year goal for yourself and never start moving toward it, in five years you’re still going to have the same goal but you’ll be […]

I’m sitting here watching my son eat one grain of rice at a time.  Literally.  I knew this dinner was going to be a disaster before I ever even set the table.  My kids don’t like rice.  I love rice.  If meat doesn’t come breaded and fried in the shape of dinosaurs and can’t be […]

Sorry about all the blog confusion yesterday.  I was up writing at around 4AM and if you know me at all, you know that my brain doesn’t fire on all cylinders anytime before 10AM.  After rethinking my early morning ramblings I decided to privatize the blog.  Not just EVERYTHING should be laid out for all […]