Last year I wrote a blog entitled, What If Today Was the Last Day of Your Life? I quoted a friend of mine who told me, “If you set a five year goal for yourself and never start moving toward it, in five years you’re still going to have the same goal but you’ll be no closer to reaching it.” I’m here to tell you that recently I started moving.

For the past nine years I’ve been spoiled with a very comfortable job in a nice cushy office with a (semi) view and last Monday I handed in my resignation letter. My last day of work will be June 26th.

I’ve gotten a lot of mixed responses to this decision. The most common knee-jerk remark I’ve received has been, “You’re quitting your job with the way the economy is right now???” That is a fair statement. I am lucky to have a job and a steady paycheck when so many people are going without these days. While I do not take this for granted, I also refuse to put my dreams on the backburner any longer. If I’ve ever been given the chance to take my life in a new direction, the time is now!

As of today, I don’t have a solid game plan of what I’m going to do after June. I’m planning to take some time off to spend with my kids and my family. School is a probability. In the meantime, I’m going to write and write and write some more. It’s what I love. Don’t know where I’ll land, but the point is: I’m jumping! See you guys on the other side…

What are YOU doing???


2 Responses to “Ready…Set…GO!!!”

  1. 1 Karen Gurgew

    YOU GO GIRL!! I’m so happy that you’re in a position to follow your dream. You are a gifted writer. I look forward to reading your first best seller!!
    Call and come see me when you are in town.

    Love ya,

  2. This is awesome. 🙂 Way to do what 95% of people never do!

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