The Bachelor


Be warned. I am feeling a bit judgmental tonight. I’m also no expert on ANY of the subjects that I’m going to discuss in this blog so feel free to “put me in my place”. Maybe I’m angsty and looking for a fight. Maybe I have a point. You can decide for yourself.

The television in our house is rarely turned on. If it is on, chances are the latest installment of (shoot me) Spongebob or Dora the Explorer is spewing from the LCD. The adult show lineup usually consists of South Park, Friends or the last episode I missed of Heroes. (I’m two episodes behind for anyone that is keeping track. I know; I suck.) Reality TV is straight-up nonexistent in our home, so imagine my surprise when earlier this evening I walked into the living room to find my five year old plastered to the boob tube completely sucked into (dum, dum , dum) The Bachelor.

I will admit, I have never watched an entire hour of The Bachelor and unless cruel and unusual punishment is involved, I never will. In the four minutes that I caught of the show tonight I was reminded of all the reasons that I hate it. From my understanding the current Bachelor is down to small handful of women who are pining for his attention. They are all successful, beautiful and (except for the fact they signed up for this BS) they all seem fairly intelligent. He was on a date in New Zealand (because THAT’S reality *smirk*) with a seemingly shy and reserved chick who’s name I don’t care to recall. She made one statement that almost sent my remote through the screen.

“I invited him to spend the night with me so that he will know I am serious about this relationship.”


Guess what chickkie… he’s spending the next 3 nights with 3 other women who want him to know that they too are serious about him. Whoring yourself out isn’t going to get him to give up his bachelorhood. Don’t get me wrong; I am no prude. I like sex more than the average female. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to realize somewhere around age 20 that sex DOES NOT EQUAL love or commitment. Maybe in a perfect world it SHOULD but if this world is perfect, I’m moving to Uranus. (lol)

Maybe I’m just bitchy because I’m coming down off of an amazing “hearts-in-eyes” weekend. For Valentine’s my man got me a Glock 9MM. Now that kind of gift says, “I’m serious about this.” In fact, it says something really meaningful like, “Baby, if I’m not here to protect you I want you to be able to protect yourself.” It also says, “I trust that you care enough to not kill me if I ever piss you off.”

I think he’s a keeper and I didn’t even have to invite him to spend the night to prove it. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else anyway… I do have a Glock now, after all. 😉


One Response to “The Bachelor”

  1. Its a good lesson to learn that sex doesn’t equate to love. Too many girls never learn that … Seems like that’s wat got me a crazy stalker b*tch! I won’t rant here but just had to put that out there

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