Hot Men Should JUST SAY NO to Boxing


From the day that puberty set in, I’ve been a bit boy crazy. Check out this actual photo of the locker I shared with my best friend Megan in high school. If you think this is bad, you should’ve seen my bedroom.

I’m confessing my obsession to you after slamming one of my childhood crushes in my blog yesterday. The Oscars brought on a twinge of depression as I watched Mickey Rourke walk the red carpet. I’m a little out of touch with Hollywood and so up until two days ago I had no idea that Mickey was back on the scene. I will definitely be adding The Wrestler to my Netflix queue (once I reinstate my Netflix account.) Did you see him? He looked terrible. Just terrible. I understand he had some botched plastic surgery after sustaining boxing injuries… but I don’t really care. All I know is that I want Harley Davidson back.

One nice thing I can say about Mickey is that when people look over his coffin one day, they will have to say, “This was a man that LIVED.”

Here’s a few of my other top faves. …. And maybe one more little gem at the bottom.

I actually had this very poster hanging on my wall.

Gotta LOVE The Outsiders

Yes… he’s hot but we all know it’s just a matter of time before he goes cookoo like Tom. I think he’s gonna start a pretty little cult with all those kids.

Some men can just do no wrong. Nick of Time was pretty bad… and so was Cry-Baby, but I own them all.

He is a GOD.


Hope you enjoyed this gander into my fantasy life. Who do you luurrrve in Hollywood???

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