Wedding Bells Are in the Air


This is your moment to breathe a sigh of relief or murmur in disappointment. I’m not getting married.

However, wedding bells are sounding loud and clear all around me. Almost every conversation I’ve had today included nuptials of some sort. The morning started off with me being accused of being engaged. OK, “accused” is too strong of a word. A co-worker who had spotted my boyfriend and I lingering around the office a few weeks ago commented that my fiancé and I looked so happy together. After picking my bottom lip up off the carpet and checking over my shoulder to make sure that she was in fact addressing me, I thanked her, corrected her and smiled at the knowledge that my new found happiness is so obvious. I have carried quite a ridiculous grin since the day I met him.

Moments later, a close friend of mine dashed down the hallway carrying roses. “Do you have any ribbon?”

I looked at her quizzically. “Hi, I’m eL. Have we met?” eL. doesn’t do ribbon but apparently in my friend’s frantic state, she forgot.

“My mom’s getting married in ten minutes. I need ribbon!”

Maybe it’s a good idea to get married on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s got to be good luck, right?

Lunch followed soon after. Over chips and salsa my girlfriends and I spread matrimonial gossip. One of my friend’s recent ex-husband is rumored to have had a secret wedding. We are starting an investigation. My other friend was telling us of a common law married couple she knows who have lived together for the past twenty something years. This sounds right up my alley. No fan fair, no froo-froo dress, no obnoxious drunk relatives, no signed documents that can stand up in a court of law… simply happily ever after. The only downside would be my mother’s audible prayers for my soul for the rest of my days. J

After lunch my friend Tiffany and her most recent blog got me day dreaming about Disney weddings. While the Disney Wedding Experience could very well be on the list of events in my own personal HELL, I can’t deny that this dress is incredibly dreamy…

Saturday I’m attending a wedding where the bride will be a little less “princess” and a little more…

All this wedding nonsense is making me fearful to drink from the water cooler across from my office. I’m nervous that something catching might be going around. I’m the last girl on the planet that needs to get wedding fever anytime soon. Maybe someday I’ll tell you about my first wedding and you will understand where all the aversion and vomiting noises stem from or maybe I’ll just let that tale die with history. If I ever do have another wedding, I am picturing no fan fair, no froo-froo dress, no obnoxious drunk relatives and cabana boys… Any good wedding should have cabana boys.


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