Weed… Everybody’s Doing It!


Dear Lord, please help me to not get into too much trouble with this one.

Everyone else is writing and screaming and inhaling and choking on this subject so I’m going to throw my dice into the lot as well. Why all of the sudden is there so much fuss about marijuana? Apparently, America’s gotten itself into a pinch and is looking for a lucrative way out of it… Legalize the use of America’s most popular illegal substance and start raking in those tax dollars!

Being that I am from an incredibly conservative Christian background and I spent nearly a year in a rehabilitation facility (not for smoking pot), my opinion might just SHOCK the CRAP out of some of you and might, very well, get me shunned at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I’m all FOR legalizing the use and sale of marijuana. Actually, I think banning it is one of the most ridiculous and asinine rulings our judicial system has ever made.

Prohibition simply seems like a lose/lose scenario for the government and the people. Aside from the BLATANT FACT that they are losing an ungodly amount of sales tax dollars and they are spending and ungodly amount on the virtuously ineffective “War on Drugs”, by banning the substance outright, the government has tied their own hands with controlling it. When I was 17 it was easier for me to buy a quarter bag of marijuana than it was to buy a pack of cigarettes. Guess which one is going to kill me first???

It just seems like a no-brainer to me.

But Marijuana is the “gateway” drug! Well, here is the order in which my drug experience unfolded:
First: Nicotine, Second: Alcohol, Third: LSD, Fourth: Cocaine, and then…. Marijuana. But hey, that’s just me.

But it’s going to negatively impact our youth! No… BAD PARENTING is the only thing that will negatively impact our youth. ‘Nuff said.

But what about driving under the influence? People could die! People are already dying! The CDC estimates that around 14,000 people die each year in alcohol related accidents. How many accidents do you hear of that are caused by the influence of marijuana? Not many. You know why? Drunks get stupid and think they can drive. Stoners get high and WANT TO SIT ON THE COUCH and eat Cheetos. OOO… scary! And if the occasional pothead does get behind the wheel, you can bet they’ll be the most focused driver on the road. “Am I in between the lines? I am going EXACTLY five miles under the speed limit. Is that a cop behind me? Do you hear birds? Where was I going?”

Crime is going to go up! How is that possible? It only makes sense that prison rates would go down (or have more room for people that actually BELONG there), gang activity would plummet, a LOT of high dollar drug cartels would be put out of commission and more money would be saved to spend on things like EDUCATION.

It’s a sin! Maybe so. Maybe not. This could turn into a really really BIG debate and it’s beside the point here since there’s that whole matter of separation of Church and State. Religious folks often seem to forget that the government is not here to be our spiritual/moral authority. That takes me back to my earlier point that the responsibility of raising kids falls with the PARENT… but again that smells like a bunny trail that I don’t want to venture down. I’ll leave that one between me and The Almighty.

I guess I could rant all day, so I’m going to stop now. It’s kind of humorous that I’m ranting now since I can honestly tell you that I gave up smoking marijuana a VERY long time ago, simply because I try to be a law-abiding citizen.

In closing, check out this video clip I got from Judi Sunshine. It’s an interview that aired on CNN with actor Stephen Baldwin and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. It took me the first 2 minutes to get over my surprise at WHO was arguing for WHAT. Ron Paul was for. Stephen Baldwin (Mr. Bio Dome) was against. And might I add that Stephen should’ve just stayed home and played in his private skate park. He was as prepared and informative as I would be if I showed up to a NATO meeting.

Watch the video and leave your thoughts, comments, links, opinions… and if there are any conservatives out there with something intelligent to say, I’m all ears!


3 Responses to “Weed… Everybody’s Doing It!”

  1. i believe some drugs should be legalised as it makes them less desirable. when people have free access there wont be price wars and gang wars or cartels. ive been told of countries that have like a loaded card system where people get a allotment of there preferred drug and when its done, its done.

    i dunno if its true but in a case like that u wont have people sharing needles or hiding and having secret lives. the environment for users is more controlled and safer.

    to implement it im sure resources would be needed for infrastructure to monitor whats going on but it could be done.

  2. 2 eL.

    It just seems to me like “having a plan” is better than “let’s pretend we can make it not exist!”.

  3. yeah … and the more we make it undesirable and difficult to do drugs is the more alluring it will be

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