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Have you made your bucket list? I haven’t. I probably never will. Hopefully I’ll never have the opportunity to really contemplate my own death. I’m well aware that this day, as well as any other might be my last, so I try to live every moment accordingly. When I do die, I would like to […]

“Live honestly,” is my sister’s buzz phrase. I’m stealing it for this blog. This year has challenged many things about my existence: my faith, self-worth, capability to forgive, capacity to love and ability to survive. I’m sure that my writings often appear a little schizophrenic. Well, to tell you the truth, maybe they are. I […]

I never call my mother on Sundays unless, by some miracle, I have managed to drag my lazy butt to church. Even though, I am by all accounts an adult and am a mother myself, I still can’t bear to hear the disappointment in her voice when she asks, “How was church this morning?” knowing […]

When I brought my baby girl home from the hospital someone told me, “Enjoy it while she’s little because it will go by faster than you think.” That first week at home felt like anything but FAST. A ”sludge-like eternity” would be much more accurate. I remember thinking to myself, “I WILL NEVER GET TO […]

When I was in kindergarten I made up my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Unlike most girls my age who aspired to be recording stars, actresses, and dancers, I wanted to grow up to drive a big rig. This could’ve been me. Maybe it was the thought of leaving […]