Somesing Berry Sewious


When I brought my baby girl home from the hospital someone told me, “Enjoy it while she’s little because it will go by faster than you think.” That first week at home felt like anything but FAST. A ”sludge-like eternity” would be much more accurate. I remember thinking to myself, “I WILL NEVER GET TO SLEEP THROUGH A WHOLE NIGHT AGAIN!”

Well, last Saturday, I slept until 10am and my five year old fixed breakfast for herself and her brother. Just a short time ago, I had no plans of being a parent and today I downloaded kindergarten registration forms for my daughter and recited the alphabet three times with my son. I’m learning with each milestone of their childhoods that these precious days are slipping quickly away from me.

My three year old, Will, can’t grow up fast enough. For your enjoyment…


After hours of hacking away code on my laptop this evening, I laid the computer down on the coffee table to relax for a few minutes with my kids before their bedtime. Will curled up beside of me, resting his head on my lap. “Whas wong Mom?” he asked. (His tongue is a little too big for his mouth.)

I rubbed his soft blonde head. “Mommy’s tired, Bud.”

“Cuz you’re woking?”


He slid off the sofa and started clicking keys on the computer. “Mom, can you get me a job?”

I was caught completely off-guard. “What?”

“Can you get me a job, wite now on your ‘puter?”

“Why do you need a job, Will?”

“So I can make some moneys and buy toys,” he explained. “So, can you get me a job?”

“Not tonight, Bud,” I answered as he stared sideways at the screen.

“When Mom?”

“Too soon, Son. Too soon.”


Last week we had beautiful weather in Tennessee. I was enjoying the last few rays of sunshine from the front porch as the kids picked daffodils in the front garden. Will brought me a flower and plopped down next to me on the step. “Mom, I haveta talk to you about somesing berry sewious.”

“Sewious, huh?”


“What is it?”

He motioned with his hands as if he were directing an orchestra. “I haveta go to school, Mom. And I haveta take some science.”

“You do? Well, what’s the problem?” I asked smiling.

He looked up at me with worried eyes. “De pwoblem is because I can’t wead. I haveta wead to go to school. Can you teach me how to wead, Mom?”

“Someday, Will.”


“Not today, it’s almost bedtime.”

“De kids will make fun of me if I can’t wead,” he reasoned, sadly shaking his head.

“You have two years to learn how to read, Will,” I assured him.

“Das a long time.”

I pinched his nose. “It’s shorter than you think.”


On another adventurous car ride home, Canaan asked from the backseat. “Mom, when will I be an adult?”

“When you turn eighteen,” I answered.

“Whas an adult?” Will asked.

Canaan decided to tackle this question. “It’s when you get to do stuff you can’t do when you’re a kid.”

Will pondered this for a moment from his (securely fastened) car seat. “Like say cwap and shut up?” he finally asked.

I almost dropped my head on the steering wheel just picturing the look of bewilderment on my mother’s face. I’m such a good mom.


This week, I posted a blog inquiring of my friends, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My friend, Izzy had the best answer. “A kid again!”

Isn’t that the truth? Compared to being a parent, an employee, a business owner, and a socially active grown-up, the long-gone days of cartoons, coloring, and naps sound like heaven! (And also a little bit like the 3rd floor of the psyche ward, come to think of it.)

When did the “switch” happen for you? When did you go from wanting to be “all grown up” to wanting to go back to being an irresponsible kid?


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