Crossing Off The Imaginary Bucket List


Have you made your bucket list? I haven’t. I probably never will. Hopefully I’ll never have the opportunity to really contemplate my own death. I’m well aware that this day, as well as any other might be my last, so I try to live every moment accordingly. When I do die, I would like to request that it is during sex. Wouldn’t that be the way to go??? Seriously.

If I were to make a bucket list, which I’m not, I crossed one thing off of it this week. Well… I at least made a serious investment toward crossing off something from the imaginary list.

I am not, by any means a diehard U2 fan. I do love them, but this will never be my leg…

My sister is a much bigger fan than I am. If Bono were to run for president or the next messiah, I’m sure she would flood the call lines texting BONO to 3356 from her mobile phone. I got word that tickets were going on pre-sale and I jumped into the cyber line with all of the Joshua Tree inhabitants in America. Several hours and hundreds of dollars later, we’re going to be on the 10th row in October at the Georgia Dome. Be jealous. J

I would file the U2 concert experience under the “Epic” genre of my non-existent bucket list. Yes, I declared a few months ago that “Epic” is now considered a genre in the Land of eL.

ep•ic (adj):
Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size: 2. Heroic and impressive in quality.

I’m currently waiting for iTunes and the Academy Awards to catch up to speed on this and when they do, I hope they pay royalties where royalties are due.

Other things that fall into the “Epic” genre:


Braveheart, Gladiator and Troy

The Metallica S & M album

The fireworks over Cinderella’s castle

An armed forces homecoming parade

Do you have a bucket list? What would you add to the “Epic” genre?



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