My Friends Say I Make A Difficult Life Look Easy


Indi-Girl recently wrote a blog about 50 Things she likes about herself. So I’m accepting her challenge and giving it my best shot. I don’t want people to get the impression that I’m Miss-Woe-Is-Me. I actually do like myself quite a bit. So… here goes my healthy self-image exercise for the day.

1. While I’ll probably never have my own Food Network spot, I’m a pretty good cook. I can make just about anything and wish I had more time to spend in the kitchen. Probably one of the biggest things I miss about being with my husband would be cooking for him. The man could eat. With it just being the kids and I now, chicken nuggets and spaghetti are usually on the menu to keep things simple and not-wasteful. Kinda makes me sad.

2. I’m no Heidi Klum, but I’m an attractive woman. Childbirth and gravity have taken their tolls on my body, but I can still clean up pretty well when I want to… which sadly isn’t often enough. lol

3. While I’m not the most thoughtful person on the planet, I am a good friend. I’m the girl you call when you need to get something done, particularly in a crisis.

4. I give great massages.

5. I’m incredibly accepting of people. I think it is because I’ve walked a mile in a lot of different shoes.

6. I can’t hold grudges. Maybe that’s a flaw because my memory is bad. I just can’t stay mad at people.

7. I’m a fast learner and completely self-taught in almost every area of my life.

8. My friends say I make a difficult life look easy. I take this as a huge compliment.

9. I have incredibly cute feet.

10. While I’ll never win a Grammy, I can carry a tune.

11. I have a wonderful imagination and fantasy life.

12. I am a great kisser.

13. I am secure in my sexuality.

14. I am good at things that I will not discuss in this blog. 😉

15. My skin tone, while Casper white, holds the ink color in tattoos incredibly well. All my tats, even the ones ten years old look new.

16. I have always had nearly perfectly straight teeth.

17. I am proudly an individualist that will never be put in a box. I actually enjoy reinventing myself.

18. My daughter tells me I’m a good mom. I’m proud that I’ve earned that with her.

19. I can write 80,000 word novels and love every second of it.

20. I haven’t killed my dogs YET.

21. I am currently in the best physical shape of my life.

22. I have great hair, when I bother to fix it.

23. I have the BEST family on Earth. Their normality almost makes them seem very abnormal.

24. I have and can survive just about anything.

25. I am smart with money and am (usually) not a wasteful spender.

26. I can spell and punctuate correctly almost all of the time.

27. I am cautious but enjoy taking risks in life.

28. If I fail at something I have a short recovery time and will quickly try again.

29. I can read a novel a day (if it’s a good one).

30. I have beautiful fingernails when I don’t break them off.

31. I am proud of the fact that I am not really a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking pretty, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

32. I can get myself into HUGE messes in life, but always seem to come out on top.

33. I have a nice ass. It’s one of my favorite physical features.

34. I am musically balanced. I can enjoy the symphony just as much as I can enjoy Pantera.

35. I can quote the entire movie The Princess Bride. It’s good to have in the memory bank with all of it’s very rich one-liners.

36. I can snow ski fairly well.

37. I meet and make friends with people very easily.

38. Are you actually reading this? If so, mention #38 in the comments section. lol

39. I can transform old furniture into really cool, modern looking pieces when I have time and patience (which isn’t often).

40. Even though I am (as previously stated) NOT a girly girl. I’m apparently really good at doing eye makeup.

41. I have cute, tiny fingers.

42. I have many odd and useless talents. I can fold my tongue into a clover shape.

43. I am not a television junkie.

44. When I am wrong, I have no problem admitting it.

45. I love tattoos and I’m smart enough to not have any that I regret.

46. I try to learn from mistakes: my own and those made by others.

47. I am very aware that the grass is NOT greener on the other side.

48. I will be a Harry Potter fan till the bitter end. Tiffany, you were right. Thank you for encouraging me to read them. I too think life would be better with a house-elf.

49. I have the greatest friends that any girl could ever ask for. I am blessed to know all of you.

50. I can complete a list of 50 things I like about myself, even if it did take me almost a week. Haha!

Go ahead and try it… it’s not as easy as you think! Link back to me if you do and tell me that you did it so I can come read!


2 Responses to “My Friends Say I Make A Difficult Life Look Easy”

  1. yeah i read them all including 38 🙂

    i once did a similar post with about 100 positives about myself

  2. I love your “Celebration of You” list! So brilliant. Love, Goddess

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