The older I get, the more I realize that I am quickly turning into my mother. While once upon a time I would’ve NEVER admitted this in writing or even thought it possible, today not only do I recognize it, I’m actually very proud of it. My mother loved and parented me well. I did not make her task easy (I know you’re shocked), but she played the hand she was dealt with grace and excellence. Today, we are close friends, seasoned with years of celebrations, heartaches, and challenges. I am proud to be her daughter, her baby, and her favorite child. (Yes, my siblings read my blog.)
We often parent our children in the manner in which we were parented. I almost fell in the floor the first time I heard myself say to my daughter, “Canaan, I know you didn’t mean to. You have to mean NOT to.” It was like all of the oxygen was sucked out of the room. Canaan panicked at my horror-stricken face after the words rolled off my tongue. I grasped at the hole in my chest where my heart had once been and choked out an explanation, “I’m sorry baby; I just channeled your Nana.”
This weekend while staying with my parents another ‘mom-ism’ escaped my lips. While chatting with a friend on Facebook, the internet connection blinked out for the fifteenth time during the conversation. I slammed my fist down onto the counter in frustration and shouted, “This cussed internet!”
A light bulb went off. (Apparently it visibly went off over my head because both my mom and my sister looked up at me.)
I brought my finger down over my lips as I pondered what I’d just said. “People in real life don’t use that expression. No one says ‘cussed’,” I thought out loud.
Mom began to laugh. “That’s what you say when you’re trying not to say a cuss word.”
Oh… bless my sweet Southern Baptist Mama’s heart.
I’m not sure what it is that is so funny about the combination of my mother and profanity. Maybe it was because it was always such a big deal in our family to keep our language clean and proper. Whenever she was REALLY frustrated about something she would hiss, “Shhhhhhhhht.” I didn’t realize until I was twenty that this was simply “shit” omitting the letter I. I laughed hysterically all alone in my apartment the day this occurred to me.

In our old age, Mom has graciously allowed herself to be the punch line of many family gathering jokes and has always a good sport about it.

Why do I write this tonight? My three year old son has a blister on his foot and when the bath water stung it earlier, he shouted, “Shoot-Fuzzies that hurt!”
Thanks Mom for three generations of sounding stupid. 😉


2 Responses to “Shhhhhhhhhhht!”

  1. Elicia,

    We laughed so hard the other night with the shhhhhhht…wish you were there so I could’ve heard all the Waldrop ladies laugh in unison about mom’s cussing. 🙂 thanks for writing this post!

    • 2 eL.

      I wish I’d been there too. Mom was still laughing about it days later. It was odd because I brought it up again without knowing that you all were teasing her about it too! LOL

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