Check Your Guns At The Door


In my living room stands a beautiful 42 inch flat panel television.  I’m not sure why it’s there.  Other than the occasional (and profoundly obnoxious) episode of Go (effing) Diego! Go! or Hannah Montana, the television remains in the constant state of OFF.  I have three current shows that I like to watch: Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and True Blood.  I say “like to watch” because I rarely ever actually “watch” any of them.  Hell, True Blood comes on HBO and I don’t even bother to subscribe.  Thank God for the invention of the DVR.  Maybe someday I’ll finish watching season two of Heroes… what season is it in now anyway?

Being too busy to relax in front of the boob tube has been detrimental to my knowledge of current events.  The last time the news was on in my home, I’m pretty sure, was 9-11.  However, judging from my daily digest of Top Headlines from the Tennessean, I’m not missing too much.

Family keeps digging for centuries-old truth – The biggest story in today’s paper.
Nashville Mom Turns Yellow Teeth White  – And we wonder why other states make fun of us.
Four out of 13,000 win elk hunting rights in Tennessee – Welcome to Tennessee.

I’m so proud to live here. 

One bit of Tennessee news has caught my attention lately.  I’m curious to hear your responses to it.  On July 14th it will be legal to carry guns into establishments that serve alcohol.  This has always been a big no-no in our state and while I am huge supporter of the Second Amendment this new bill makes me a little nervous.  Our governor who vetoed the bill and was outspoken by the House and the Senate, in my opinion said it well… “It is possible to exercise our Second Amendment right and common sense at the same time.”  (paraphrase)

This new legislation retains an existing ban on the consumption of alcohol while carrying a handgun, so those who choose to hit Happy Hour packin’ wouldn’t legally be allowed to drink… in the same manner that those who choose to get behind the wheel of a car aren’t legally allowed to drink over the limit.  *crickets*

There are a lot of good arguments in support of this new bill and all of them do make me feel better about my future Nashville night life experiences.  The first is that most permit-holding, NRA supporters have common sense in spades.  In fact, I honestly feel safer in their company.  39 other states have similar legislations such as this and have been successful.  And finally, restaurant/bar owners maintain the right to ban firearms from their establishments, which the paper tells me the majority of them are doing.

What are your thoughts? I’m still reeling over the fact that our state government was so adamant about allowing firearms into bars and yet they vetoed the hell out of allowing me to purchase wine in the supermarket.  Go figure.


5 Responses to “Check Your Guns At The Door”

  1. 1 jaredmclaughlin

    It’s legal here in Pennsylvania, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Technically, there isn’t a prohibition on consuming alcohol while armed, either. That doesn’t seem to have problems that I am aware of.

    • 2 eL.

      I could totally see that being a problem here in TN. Maybe it’s a southern thing…. haha!

  2. 3 John Thompson

    Two points,
    First, the bill was for carry in restaurants that serve alcohol(TGIF, O’Charly’s, Ruby Tuesdays…) not bars. Yes bars are included. I just want to protect myself when I eat at TGIF.
    Second, As of right now the only people that don’t carry guns into establishments that serve alcohol are people with a carry permit. People with Carry permits follow the law. Check the crime stats. Criminals don’t follow the law. If you think your safe from guns in bars right no, you’re living in a state of denial. Now I will have a fair chance to save my life or other innocent lives.

    • 4 eL.

      Yes, after doing more research I discovered that this bill is not for carry in age restricted establishements, which does make me feel a lot better. You are right, I would feel much safer with permit holding carriers, such as yourself.

  3. 5 kws

    I predict that eventually the restaurants & bars will take down these signs after the drop in revenue. A few will probably be robbed more often too.

    The TN media has twisted this legislation into something that it’s not. It doesn’t let people go to bars and drink with a firearm. But most of the people that are against it somehow think that’s what it does.

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