It Was a Good Day


We spent Father’s Day just as I said we would.  Around noon, I packed up the car, strapped the kids into their 64-point harnesses and headed to the cemetery for our picnic with Daddy.  Since it was their picnic, lunch consisted of Happy Meals rather than the originally planned KFC because, let’s face it, the Colonel doesn’t stand a chance in a race against the great and powerful Ronald McDonald when the Electoral College is made up of preschoolers. 

We ate and talked about our favorite times with Daddy.  Will chased a butterfly around our small corner of the graveyard and Canaan diligently walked around making sure all of the other flower arrangements on neighboring headstones were tidy and upright.  It was around 95 degrees in Tennessee and we’d made plans to spend the day at the pool with friends.  Before we departed Canaan asked, as she always does, to have a moment alone with her dad.  Will, of course, had to follow suit when she’d finished.

When he returned to where Canaan and I were waiting, he tugged on my pants leg and wrapped his tiny fingers around mine as walked to the car.  “Mom, my Dad says to tell you he loves you.” …and I’d held it together so well all day.

After cleaning myself up out of the eL.-shaped puddle on the grass, we made our way to the “Y-M-C-A!”  (I’m sorry, I can’t even type that, much less say it out loud without singing it in my head.)  We spent the afternoon at the pool, listening to Michael Jackson and Coldplay, bantering with close friends, and perfecting our sunburns.  It is exactly the way Robert would’ve wanted to spend the day. 

Watching my kids, I realized how much we’ve all grown since last summer.  My daughter is now able to get in the big pool without a life jacket and my son made the journey four times to the bathroom on the other side of the building.  As I congratulated him on a job well done and tugged his bathing suit back into place, he held up his fingers centimeters apart and went cross-eyed holding them up in front of his nose.  “I only peed in the pool a little bit!” Last year, on Father’s Day, there wasn’t a lot of laughter in our world.  Today we had “Oh my gosh, so much fun!” as my daughter told her Poppie on the phone tonight.  It’s been a good day. 

That’s worth repeating – It’s been a good day.

Thank you to everyone who has walked with us for the past year. 
Thank you to my dear friends who pimped yesterday’s blog/Public Service Announcement
If one life can be spared because of what we’ve had to endure then maybe it wasn’t all in vain.



5 Responses to “It Was a Good Day”

  1. my dad died in 2007. i try not to think about the day. father’s day, his birthday and my parents’ anniversary all fall in the same week. so i try not to think about it.

    its good u guys had a great day. im happy that your little one’s were able to find some happiness on such a sobering day.

    • 2 eL.

      I am so sorry for your loss. I know all about the avoidance of reliving the pain. On the anniversary of his death I emersed myself in True Blood (HBO) and ice cream. FOR NINE STRAIGHT HOURS. 🙂

  2. u know i knew it …… ice-cream is the universal cheer-er upper food!!!!! 🙂

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