Blood Baths and Boxer Briefs :: UFC 100


It will not come as a surprise to most of you who read my ramblings that I have a somewhat of an addictive personality. Well… I have a new addiction.

The WGBF (World’s Greatest Boyfriend) was in town this past weekend and he informed me that the terms for his visit included watching the UFC 100. While I wouldn’t voluntarily sign myself up to witness the brutal cage fights, there are worse things to be subjected to than bloody, sweaty men in boxer briefs. Can I get an amen?
When the evening began I was content with everything I needed: Asian Zing, Yuengling and a sexy fireman. I graciously filled the role of the patient girlfriend along for the ride to sit quietly while her man drank beer and yelled at the TV. By the end of the first match I was on the floor, shadowboxing with the flat panel and ducking under the coffee table any time someone’s skull was pounded against the cage. I wasn’t even conscious of my interactions until the WGBF grinned over at me and asked, “Honey, are you ok?”


I was hooked. I actually stayed up for four hours after the boyfriend passed out and watched the entire series of fights over again, even rewinding and slow-motioning through several parts. I’m not sure how he and the kids slept through all of my yelling.

Here are my thoughts about my favorite fights of the night. Keep in mind that I am a UFC over-opinionated newbie female.

Akiyama Vs. Belcher
Akiyama is a little Japanese dude that is apparently a BIG DEAL in his homeland not only in fighting, but also acting, music and modeling. I found it quite funny that the announcers actually referred to him by his nickname “Sexyama” and noted that he was “quite an attractive man.” (LOL) In the first round, Akiyama took a swift kick to the twins that crumpled him to the mat. I’m not a guy and I was in pain for him. He quickly recovered and was throwing roundhouse kicks that could embarrass Jackie Chan. I was impressed. To everyone’s surprise, Sexyama was named the winner. Personally, I agree with the rest of the world that Belcher was robbed of the victory. Maybe the judges were giving out sympathy points for groin kicks… I don’t really know.

St. Pierre Vs. Alves
All I can really say about this match is that Georges St. Pierre pulled his groin half way through this match and still won standing up. And he had very nice red shorts… *ahem*

Henderson Vs. Bisping
This was the fight that sold me on UFC. It was like watching a bloody soap opera. Michael Bisping is a mouthy, trash-talking, ADHD fighter who is apparently like the Michael Jordan of MMA in England. Listening to him talk reminded me of Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch… you couldn’t freakin’ understand him without the subtitles! Bisping has gone on and on for months about how he was going to knock out America’s two-time Olympian, Dan Henderson. Henderson has seemed to just take the trash-talking in stride simply saying, “I’ll use my fist to shut his mouth.” Well, he did. In round two Henderson cold-clocked Bisping sending him to the mat in oblivion. Then, for good measure, he nailed him once more while he was unconscious. It took Bisping about 3 minutes to regain consciousness. When he woke up he kept asking over and over, “What happened?” I couldn’t help but think of Chris Tucker in Friday… “You got knocked the #*@& out!”

The big story of the night was the heavyweight fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. Basically Brock Lesnar is an angry, self-obsessed tank that just parked on top of Frank Mir and bashed his face in until the referee was forced to end the fight. That was no fun to watch. If size hadn’t been a factor and Lesnar hadn’t fought like the fat kid sitting on the band geek in order to win, I think Frank Mir would’ve slaughtered him. And geez… could Lesnar be any more of a douche? He flipped off the fans. Who does that?

Well… now I think I’ve blogged about everything under the sun. While ESPN may never hire me for commentary, I might have to make a regular occurrence of the “eL.’s UFC Wrap Up”. Who knows… maybe I can attract some more female fans. After all, any good woman worth her thongs can appreciate this:


8 Responses to “Blood Baths and Boxer Briefs :: UFC 100”

  1. 1 Emily

    eL – Saw this link from FB and since I also watched (as the patient and supportive wife) I was interested. My husband and I can’t stand GSP and his trash talk…but enjoy making our own comments with a terrible fake accent such as, “I look so sexy in my little tight shorts!” And…you are right about the Lesnar fight. I hope they don’t put up with that junk. Never thought I would watch one of these fights…but once you see a little of a fight it is hard to look away. Maybe it is the shorts…maybe the fight…I am not saying! 🙂

    • 2 eL.

      I haven’t gotten past the sexy little tight shorts to hate GSP yet… but give it time. Good looks only let you so far with me. LOL

      And for the record… I think its the shorts, but don’t worry – I won’t tell your husband. 😉

  2. 3 Michael Loy (BDRuckus)

    well put from a first time viewer and I’m glad that you can appreciate the UFC and mma in general. Your take on Bisping was spot on and my wife and I enjoy watching the replay over and over. (She too appreciates GSP)

    • 4 eL.

      I must’ve watched the Bisping clip 100 times. I LOVED watching him wake up. HAHAHA! I can’t wait till UFC 101!

  3. 5 Gere

    Hey! Saw you on facebook and clicked over to your blog. I am a UFC addict as well. We were dragged in by a buddy of ours who fought for Hendo on The Next Ultimate Fighter. We saw the finale fight in Vegas and loved it. MMA is definitely in my top list of live sporting events to attend. Never thought I’d say that. I’d go to any fight- as long as I don’t have to watch Lesnar.

    • 6 eL.

      Yeah, I never thought I’d have a goal of going to see one of these events live. I agree that I wouldn’t want to see Lesnar. Sure, he’s a heck of an athlete, but a horrible sportsman! Gere, I have to say I would’ve never pegged you as a fan. LOL

  4. 7 Poopay

    I love GSP and his tiny shorts. You should check out his other fights (with other tiny spandex shorts). He’s my best UFC wrestler and I like his accent, and blue eyes and gleaming smile, and his tight shorts. Did I say I like his tight shorts?

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