Best Friends Forever


meg3“Friends are the family you make for yourself.” – Unknown

If Megan had been born a man, my boyfriend would be in big trouble.  In fact, if we were lesbians, I’d have it made.  She has helped me be my best, been a victim of my worst and still calls me her best friend.

Everyone should have a Megan. 

While moving some boxes around, Megan discovered a stash of notes we’d passed back and forth in high school.  We sat up giggling until 3AM Saturday morning reading how ridiculous we were.  We laughed, we cried, we cringed and we laughed some more.  Our trip down memory lane proved that a few things are certain: I did NOT have life figured out like I thought I did.  My parents really were smarter than me.  I am glad I am no longer 14.  Megan and I really are best friends FOREVER.

Like most girls, during my school days I had numerous BFF’s.  It wasn’t until I became an adult that I really understood what true friendship was.  Real best friends do not come and go with semester changes and they often stick around even when you don’t want them to.  They will help clean up your love life as well as your vomit.  Best friends have not only seen you naked, but have possibly seen you push another human being out of your hoo-ha.  The title should not be handed out lightly. 


Yesterday, my mom lost her “Megan.”  Her name was Joyce and she was my mother’s very best friend.  A car accident suddenly claimed her life and the person my mom has exchanged her life story with was gone.  It has been a blow to our whole family. 

As I lay in bed with my sweet Mama last night, I thought about how fortunate we are to be able to reach beyond the boundaries of family and truly be loved by others we encounter.  This life is too short.  Best friends are few and far between.  Mom said to me, “Best friends don’t come along often.  We’re lucky to get one.”

I’m lucky enough to get two.  Brenda, the other woman in this world subjected to my madness gave me a picture for Christmas that says, “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and loves you just as you are today.”


I am reminded to not take these precious souls for granted.  We may not share the same bloodline, but are sisters none the less.

Go rest high on that mountain, Joyce.  You will be missed.


7 Responses to “Best Friends Forever”

  1. 1 Ashley

    Elicia, I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s loss. Best friends are truly a treasure, and sometimes they are as precious as family (you can’t pick your family..) It is good to know that you were there for her during such a hard time.

    • 2 eL.

      I wish I could’ve done more for her. I’m not even able to go to the funeral. So sad. 😦

  2. eL., this brought tears to my eyes.

    I am so sorry for your Mom’s loss. I am so sorry for the loss both families are suffering. You put the value of a true friend in perspective beautifully.

  3. 5 Saint Anger

    True friends are hard to find. When you loose one,there’s avoid you can never fill. I’m sorry for your moms loose.

  4. 7 Saint Anger

    Any time,Bonnie. Beware the evil elf. I Gave her the link to your blog.

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