Arrival at Grown-Upville


We are well into my daughter’s third week of elementary school and I would like to report that we have not been late one time!  So, all of you suckers who were betting against me, cough it up – YOU LOSE.

I will admit that thanks to her grandparents, my kindergartner does have her own alarm clock.  By the time I roll my butt out of bed and stumble blindly to the coffee pot, she is dressed, her teeth are brushed and she has made her own breakfast.  However, that is not the point here.

The point is that I have “arrived” at adulthood.  The days of existing as a screw-up kid cleverly disguised as a 28 year old responsible mother of 2 are over.  I am finally a bonafide grown up.

I joined the PTO. 

For the cool kids out there that have no idea what the PTO is, let me bring you up to speed.  PTO stands for Parent/Teacher Organization. In a nutshell, I – the mom who taught her preschoolers the art of headbanging – will be hosting bake sales, chaperoning field trips, and cutting out Christmas snowflake decorations this school year. 

And if you make fun of me, I promise to punch you in the mouth, knit you a doily, and sop up your blood with it.

Coming to a bumper near you…


12 Responses to “Arrival at Grown-Upville”

  1. 1 Chuck

    I am so proud of you! Even if it’s just because I know that you are fully capable of punching me in the mouth, knitting me a doily, and sopping up the blood with it. Then again, I’d probably like that.

    • You are kinda twisted like that. It’s like we were destined to be friends.

      • 3 Chuck

        Aw buddy, I wish we’d gotten the chance to hang out more. F**k I’m sappy tonight. Now I have to go punch something and drink a beer to level out.

      • Maybe you should punch yourself in the mouth?

  2. 5 Ashley

    Baby girl will remember everything that you do during this time, and it will totally be worth it. Oh, and even though we are NEVER cool as far as our kids are concerned, you are still rockin’ the cool points to us oldsters:)

  3. I’m still fighting the “being a grown up” thing – and two of my three kids are teenagers!

    Kudos to you though and nice blog. I’ll be back 🙂

  4. 10 Saint Anger

    PTO is an acronym for something different to me but I won’t go there. I can’t believe your a PTO parent,I’m not used to having friends like that. Seriously,if I told my friends I knew someone in the PTO,they would ask if that was a terrorist organization.

    • I can only imagine… and I don’t really want to know!

      And you are the reason I defined PTO. How many bloggers do you know that write just for you? LOL You special.

  5. 12 Saint Anger

    Aww,thanks Bonnie. You’re the only blogger I know, that is willing to take the time to spell stuff out for me. The rest mostly just do restraining orders…lol

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