Obama – Not the President of our Kids?



So, the big news this week is Obama’s address to school children.  Should or should he not be allowed to do this without parental consent?  

I got a phone call from my kid’s school yesterday letting me know that they will be listening to the Presidential address.  While I appreciate them letting me know, I found it kind of odd.  I don’t remember a note going home or a phone call being made to my parents when Ronald Reagan had something to say.  I clearly remember watching Reagan a LOT.  “Just say no, kids!”


From what I’ve been told, Obama’s student address has nothing to do with politics.  He’s encouraging kids to stay in school and achieve their dreams.  While I don’t agree with a lot of what Obama has to say, I’m not sure anyone can argue with this particular message. 

Hearing the President speak is a memorable moment and it is one that I’m glad my daughter will have. 

Despite all of the many challenges our nation is facing, being an American is still something to be proud of.  I, for one, hope that pride is passed on to my kids.  And while you might not like Obama or support him, as the President of the United States of America – the country YOUR CHILDREN ARE GROWING UP IN, you’d better hope and pray that he succeeds. 

I still Pledge Allegiance to the Flag… ONE Nation.  Under God.  With Liberty and Justice for ALL.


6 Responses to “Obama – Not the President of our Kids?”

  1. I’m with you 100%! I’m a little confused by the uproar as well…

    • I think the majority of the uproar has been caused by the “suggested teaching plan” because it points to “the president” so much. I’m sure some White House clerk is like “WTF? THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!” The lesson plan was probably a stupid idea to begin with that the PR firm totally dropped the ball on. Say what you have to say and if it’s relevant, the teachers will reinforce it. They certainly don’t need to be told how to teach… well, some of them might. LOL

  2. 3 Ashley

    Our school system isn’t doing it. The initial draft of the accompanying ‘suggestions’ had one of the exercises listed as “write down how YOU can help the president”. This was later changed. I don’t have any problem with my kids watching the address on television, but I did have a problem with all the suggested “exercises” after the fact. Glad we moved.

  3. I don’t get why some people are upset that their kids are hearing the speech. I remember hearing Reagan too in school, hell who am I kidding I remember hearing Carter. Anyway, the man can give a good speech and no one can say that isn’t so. I also don’t get why so many people now dislike him. He can’t turn the country around in a short time, I mean really it took many men before him to screw it up. It is kind of like weight loss. People expect to pop a pill, close their eyes, click their heels together, spin twice and poof they are thin. Ha doesn’t work that way you took time to add the pounds it takes time to take them off. He is doing a hard job so I must stand up and give him the respect he deserves as a person who is man enough to stand up and try to fix what so many have messed up before him.

  4. 6 erinmoxam

    Hi eL, nice to see you on here instead of writersmarket.com, I’m trying to check out all my friends blogs from there. I’m not American, but I think it’s great that you can focus on letting your kids experience what will certainly be a memorable moment for them istead of letting your own political thoughts get in the way. It’s too bad more people couldn’t do that, who doesnt want their kids to think school is important and stay in it?

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