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I drive too fast. Last weekend I was on a kid-free journey to North Carolina to visit that man of mine.  Have I told you guys how amazing he is?  Oh yeah, I did.  Moving along… remember a few weeks ago I had some trouble with the SUV?  Well, it started feeling like it was […]

“Live honestly,” is my sister’s buzz phrase. I’m stealing it for this blog. This year has challenged many things about my existence: my faith, self-worth, capability to forgive, capacity to love and ability to survive. I’m sure that my writings often appear a little schizophrenic. Well, to tell you the truth, maybe they are. I […]

I never call my mother on Sundays unless, by some miracle, I have managed to drag my lazy butt to church. Even though, I am by all accounts an adult and am a mother myself, I still can’t bear to hear the disappointment in her voice when she asks, “How was church this morning?” knowing […]

This is your moment to breathe a sigh of relief or murmur in disappointment. I’m not getting married. However, wedding bells are sounding loud and clear all around me. Almost every conversation I’ve had today included nuptials of some sort. The morning started off with me being accused of being engaged. OK, “accused” is too […]

From the day that puberty set in, I’ve been a bit boy crazy. Check out this actual photo of the locker I shared with my best friend Megan in high school. If you think this is bad, you should’ve seen my bedroom. I’m confessing my obsession to you after slamming one of my childhood crushes […]

Last night I caught the last hour of the Oscars. “I would like to thank the Academy for Hugh Jackman being chosen to host this year. Next year, I would appreciate seeing him again. Maybe he could go for a little less bow-tie and a little more Wolverine. That would definitely help me to remember […]

The Bachelor


Be warned. I am feeling a bit judgmental tonight. I’m also no expert on ANY of the subjects that I’m going to discuss in this blog so feel free to “put me in my place”. Maybe I’m angsty and looking for a fight. Maybe I have a point. You can decide for yourself. The television […]