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We are well into my daughter’s third week of elementary school and I would like to report that we have not been late one time!  So, all of you suckers who were betting against me, cough it up – YOU LOSE. I will admit that thanks to her grandparents, my kindergartner does have her own […]

“Friends are the family you make for yourself.” – Unknown If Megan had been born a man, my boyfriend would be in big trouble.  In fact, if we were lesbians, I’d have it made.  She has helped me be my best, been a victim of my worst and still calls me her best friend. Everyone […]

Today my daughter took her kindergarten assessment test.  Forgive me while I switch into Proud-Mama-Mode and brag for a moment.  The average score for this test is 90.  My daughter scored 112.  I am well on my way to having a “My kid is smarter than your kid” bumper sticker on my car.  My mind […]

After many years on MySpace, my account is closed.  I made no production about leaving, told no one, simply sat down at the computer and hit the “delete” key.  The time for my departure arrived after much thought and consideration.  It was a bittersweet decision and while I do miss my friends I made there, […]

In the paper this week was an article entitled “Southern Parents Spank Their Kids.” Really? THIS is news? Obviously these people haven’t been hanging around my house lately or this would never have made the front page of the paper. This is like a page four story around here. I am a firm believer in […]

Isn’t life supposed to calm down after you retire?  I am now in week two of my “retirement” and if anything, I seem to have less time than when I was logging forty hours a week in my office.  How is that possible?  In the past fourteen days I have visited five states, caught up […]

We spent Father’s Day just as I said we would.  Around noon, I packed up the car, strapped the kids into their 64-point harnesses and headed to the cemetery for our picnic with Daddy.  Since it was their picnic, lunch consisted of Happy Meals rather than the originally planned KFC because, let’s face it, the […]