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So, the big news this week is Obama’s address to school children.  Should or should he not be allowed to do this without parental consent?   I got a phone call from my kid’s school yesterday letting me know that they will be listening to the Presidential address.  While I appreciate them letting me know, I […]

In my living room stands a beautiful 42 inch flat panel television.  I’m not sure why it’s there.  Other than the occasional (and profoundly obnoxious) episode of Go (effing) Diego! Go! or Hannah Montana, the television remains in the constant state of OFF.  I have three current shows that I like to watch: Grey’s Anatomy, […]

Dear Lord, please help me to not get into too much trouble with this one. Everyone else is writing and screaming and inhaling and choking on this subject so I’m going to throw my dice into the lot as well. Why all of the sudden is there so much fuss about marijuana? Apparently, America’s gotten […]