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“Friends are the family you make for yourself.” – Unknown If Megan had been born a man, my boyfriend would be in big trouble.  In fact, if we were lesbians, I’d have it made.  She has helped me be my best, been a victim of my worst and still calls me her best friend. Everyone […]

Today has been a rough day. Actually, if I were really honest, I’d admit that the past few days have just been sucky, both professionally and personally. After a long meeting this afternoon I decided to take a break. Normally, I like to break up my work afternoon with a personal phone call but since […]

My life is silent in a chaotic sort of way these days. The past ten months have been an excruciating mix of painful and pleasant experiences that have left me in a cloud, incoherently gliding through life. I’ve let my actions determine my decisions rather than moving myself toward a chosen goal. I guess I […]

Yes, I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I’ve refused to blog because I’ve refused to write anything that would just depress the hell out of everyone. Let’s face it; my life hasn’t been a big ball o’ sunshine the past couple of weeks. However, I feel as though I am making a turn and […]

I’ve been on hiatus from writing for the past few weeks as I’ve been walking through the most difficult season of my life to date. Most of you probably know that my husband was killed in a car accident on May 31st. It was dreadfully unexpected as most accidents are and I have been left […]