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Nothing in this world is more frightening than the possibility that there is something wrong with your child.  Fortunately, other than ear infections that would level grown men, my kids have always been perfectly healthy.  Next week my son has an appointment at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to see a specialist about his eyes.  For the […]

In the paper this week was an article entitled “Southern Parents Spank Their Kids.” Really? THIS is news? Obviously these people haven’t been hanging around my house lately or this would never have made the front page of the paper. This is like a page four story around here. I am a firm believer in […]

Isn’t life supposed to calm down after you retire?  I am now in week two of my “retirement” and if anything, I seem to have less time than when I was logging forty hours a week in my office.  How is that possible?  In the past fourteen days I have visited five states, caught up […]



The older I get, the more I realize that I am quickly turning into my mother. While once upon a time I would’ve NEVER admitted this in writing or even thought it possible, today not only do I recognize it, I’m actually very proud of it. My mother loved and parented me well. I did […]

If you are my “real world” friend you will know that I use my cell phone for everything, including managing my shopping lists.  Let me copy and paste for you my shopping list for today: BreadMilkCheeseSausageTomato SaucePeanut ButterVodka… lots of VodkaGround BeefChickenYogurt Now let me tell you about my day.  It’s Saturday and it’s very […]